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Fantastic Realities Studio is pleased to announce the publication of

From the introduction:

“... I found myself being enthralled with the changing season this year. And from early October to December, I found I had something of a chronicle of the Fall. For the first time since coming to Rockland county from Brooklyn in 2001, I truly observed the changing season. There was a part of me telling me to take a step back from a stressful personal and professional season and take in more deeply the world around me...”

— Kurt E. Griffith. Nanuet, December 2007

A Rockland Fall is a Self-Published Photobook entirely produced and created by me, begining with my own digital photography. What started as almost an ADD-influenced “ooooh, shiny” moment, led into a meditation against the slings and arrows of both outrageous and day-to-day fortune, which became a body of work that was possibly worth sharing. The images were captured with a Canon Powershot S100 Digital Elph, a rather modest and relatively ancient 2 megapixel camera by current standards

Images were processed in Adobe Photoshop CS2. Image processing was done with a light hand, only color correction was applied with some minimal sharpening and despeckleing. The book was laid out and produced in Adobe InDesign CS2, a truly superior page layout tool that allowed me to very swiftly and professionally prepare this material. The self-publishing site Lulu provided print and publishing services.

A Rockland Fall, a Chronicle of Digital Photography

A very personal project from Kurt E. Griffith
and Fantastic Realities Studio. Now Available.

30 Full color pages, Casewrap Hardbound Edition.
List: $32.95 plus shipping



Cover and sample Interior Spread


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