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Renewal Web Invitation
Anniversary/Housewarming Invitation
In January of 2001 following the fire that ruined our Brooklyn home in Sea Gate at the tip of Coney Island, we moved to a suburban home in Nanuet, NY., just north of the Jersey Border. That May, my wife and I would celebrate our 15th Anniversary, so we decided to have a combined celebration of our Anniversary and our Housewarming.

Of course having a Designer in the house meant creating our own unique invitations, and then was faced with the interesting challenge of translating the design to an online format for this newfangled World Wide Web thing.

Old web crawlers might recognize the screen shot as coming from the now-ancient Netscape Navigator, from the days before Internet Explorer emerged to become the hair-pulling curse-inspiring bane of Web Designers around the world for over a decade.

The Mozilla folks didn’t go quietly into the night, and went on to develop the far better behaved and well regarded Firefox web browser, still in widespread use.

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