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I will honestly own that redesigning the Sample Gallery presents some challenges. Aside from updating the content with more recent samples, the previous version of the Gallery was done with a 2003 awareness of coding technology and skill set. Tables and tags and a linear format. But that's hardly cutting edge or classy or what I want now. There are dozens of gallery and lightbox modules, but I want to use most, if not all the existing graphics, and not have to code the entire gorram thing from scratch and re-do all the art. This is even more complex as I want to show both the graphics and HTML content, be more randon access, and...

Well... it should be frickin' spiffy.

Oh yeah, and be responsive...

For the moment, have an interim solution in place, so still plenty cool stuff to see.

Have a dive down the Rabbit Hole...    - Kurt Griffith


FRS Saturn / Digital Illustration - Our Signature Image

Serenity Art Show / Announcement Postcard
Willow Moon / Craft Shop Logo
Berkeley Springs Water / Sales Presentation
C For Everyone / Book Design Project
Art & Elegance 2015 / Charity Event Program
Art & Elegance 2015 / Charity Event Web Site
Keller Contracting / Logo & Business Identity Project
ImageCraft Embedded Systems / Business Identity Project
Cats Eyes / Book Design Project
JULIET perfume / Website
Juliet Stewart Health & Beauty 2012 / Website Redesign
Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary / 2013 Wheel of the Year Calendar
Full Force Title Agency / Logo & Business Identity Project
Sprice Contracting, Inc. / Logo & Business Identity Project
Sprice Contracting, Inc. / Promotional WebSite
Street Treets Jewlery / Logo Design
A Rockland Fall / Photobook
Namaste Garden Environments 3 / Website Redesign
2007 FRS Holiday Greeting / Flash Presentation
Coronation Portrait / Digital Illustration and NewsLetter Cover
Harvest International / Promotional Website Makeover
Dr Charles Glassman's Optimal Prevention / Promotional & E-Commerce Website
Landscape Design of Westchester - Aquascape Pools / Promotional Website
A is for ART / Artist's Book & Digital Restoration
Cases by Source 2006 Catalog / Catalog Makeover
Wheel Of The Year Calendar 2006 / Event & Promtional Calendar
Namaste Garden Environments / Promotional Website
Tsunami Benefit / Logo Design
Thomas Ryan Landscape Design / Promotional Website
Soyulla Ensemble / Benefit Concert Promotion
Rob Kron Custom Designs / Logo Design
Rob Kron Custom Designs / Promotional Brochure
Juliet Stewart International Makeup Artist / Promotional Website
Art On Paper
/ Covers and Editorial Layouts
RB Works Marketing Brochures / Photocomposites
RB Works Help Desk / Marketing Materials
The Triple Crown / Middle School PTA Newsletter
Dypes N Wypes
/ Website
Columbia Tribute / Photocomposite & Illustration
Inanna: Journey of Darkness & Light / Original cast recording CD
Remember / Photo Composite
Diablo 2 / Proposed Ad Design
Selling Superclubs /
Sales Presentation
Red & Green / Photo Composite & Prepress
NY Suites / Infographic
HANA K / Ad Design
Elite Islands Resorts / Ad Design
We Each Send A Voice / CD Art
Four Winds Earth Chorus / Logo Designs
Four Winds Earth Chorus / Website
Renewal / Party Invitation, Print and Web
Unique Homes Magazine / Media Kit
Travel Agent Magazine / Editorial Calendar
Unique Homes Magazine / Marketing Postcard
Russ Kick's OUTPOSTS / Book Design
Equinox / Cover illustration
Image Of The Beast / Cover illustration
Dusk Landing / Digital Illustration
Elements Of Arousal / Cover Design
Four Winds Earth Chorus / Emblem for Benefit Concert
Travel Agent Magazine Sales Meeting/ Poster
NYC Witches' Annual Masquerade Ball / Banner Ads
NYC Witches' Annual Masquerade Ball / Promotional Poster


A is for ART / Artist's Book & Digital Restoration
Onezumi.com Comix Contest / Comic Page

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SAMPLES 1– PDF - print resoultion, 1.14 MB, screen resolution, 194k
Page layout, CD Design, Digital Illustration, Poster

SAMPLES 2 - PDF - print resoultion, 1.9 MB, screen resolution 200k
Design & Prepress, Inivitation, Web Design


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