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I have created a Print Resolution PDF version of A is for Art, in the process of preparing this project, which I will be happy to share with people if you ask nicely. I will need your proper name, address and telephone number. This is done as a protection against copyright infringement. This information will not be shared without your express permission and will be used for the express purpose stated above.

Please DO NOT STEAL my work and use it for ANY for-profit use whatsoever.


I of course re-created and restored A is for ART in Print Format.

Each plate is 5" w. x 10" h. There are 31 plates in in the portfolio.
The original 1978 version was prepared in pen and ink on bristol board.

I prepare individual one-offs of the plates on high resolution paper, with card stock front and back cover sheets. I have been experimenting with various bindings and portfolio arrangements, so what you may receive may be unique.

Each copy cost me about US $15.00 each between paper, other materials and postage to prepare and ship.

If you would like an individually prepared paper copy of this work, that is my asking price. Shipping would be via USPS Priority Mail.

If you represent a not-for profit institution, please contact me for reduced pricing.

If you are interested in PUBLISHING A is for Art, PLEASE contact Me!


Kurt E Griffith
Fantastic Realities Studio

72 Tennyson Drive, Nanuet, NY 10954
845 623-0940 • 917 776-6327


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