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Sharon Gilbert, 61, New York artist who was known for artists' books, often with activist themes, as well as sculptures in ceramic and paper, died of cancer after a short illness in Brooklyn on June 9. Most recently, Gilbert exhibited her work at Kanal 10 was included in "Working in Brooklyn" at the Brooklyn Museum in 2004, as well as in the Museum of Modern Art's survey exhibition of artists' books a few years ago. [From ArtNet News ]

Sharon is my Aunt-in-law, and fellow artist, my wife's Aunt.

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Hand over Hand - The Artists Books of Sharon Gilbert - Sharon Gilbert
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My mother Antoinette also passed away from Cancer. She was a grand lady, and full of life and vitality. Dancer, Actress, Community Activist, Equal Rights Activist, Human Resources Manger.

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Our clan has been particularly affected by Cancer. In addition to the two ladies above, cancer also claimed my father, Bruce P. Griffith, and my wife's Uncle, Richard Schneider. Her Grandmother Esta survived three cancers in her lifetime. As well as other good friends and family claimed by this scourge. Having had the experience of having both of my parents parents in hospice at home, I have come to the conclusion that Cancer is one of the most unfair diseases in the world, as it kills the person first, then the body. Please support Cancer research and your local hospice organization.


Sharon Gilbert, Police State (USA), 2001

Antoinette Griffith
Publicity Still, circa 1957


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