Additonal Services

We are more than just an Art and Design studio. We can be your full service graphics resource. Through partnerships, affliatoions, and professional relationships with local and national providers, we can offer extended services to our valued clients.


Not only can I design and help build your site. We can arrange deployment , web hosting, Domain registration, custom emails, and site maintenance with a full range of Internet services. - FRS Rates Available


For Commercial clients, we can also arrange Credit Card Processing, Storefronts and Shopping Carts. Scalable E-Commerce for small business and individuals.

Eclectic Tech, LLC
Rockland Web Design
Woo Commerce


I don't just finish off your art and hand it off. I will work with your print provider and see to it that your job is produced to professional standards to your satisfaction. We also use the services of reputable local print vendors and graphic services providers. If it can be printed or produced, we'll find it and figure out how to make it happen.

Morgan Messenger - Morgan Co., WV
Mercersburg Press, Mercersburg, PA


We aren't greedy, We'll share. My 35 plus years of knowledge and expertise as a Graphics Professional, as an Art Director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Technology Professional are at your disposal. We will help you with all aspects of your projects. Train you and your staff. Assist you with the technology of graphics communications in the information age.

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FRS Studio Blog
Please Read our Studio Blog - Graphics, Design, Tech, Musings and Rants. Updated Randomly.

Fantastic Realities
Available from FRS:
FANTSASTIC REALITIES - A Life In Art & Design A softbound edition of my 2017 Design Retrospective

A Rockland Fall Photo Book
Available from FRS:
A Rockland Fall, A chronicle of Digital Photography.

A is for Art Front Cover
For the artsy ’toon fans – 
A is for ART, an Artist's Primer - a Digital Restoration
Hardcover Print Edition Now Available from FRS - A blast from the past brought back to life.

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