We have been encouraged to provide the following package deals for of-the-shelf solutions to standard business needs. If you don't see what you want, just ask!

All prices subject to change at any time and do not include print or prepress costs, or costs of webhosting or domain registration.
All projects may be customized to fit your needs and budget.
All projects include archiving of project files
Print projects pricing is for delivery of press-ready to printer.


Includes: Basic Logo Design, letterhead, Business Card, Brochure or Flyer.
Basic Designs and 3 rounds revisions.
1 and 2-color: $1500
Full Color: $2200
Call us for Custom Solutions
Additional designs and/or revisions @ standard rates


Includes: Basic Logo Design
2 initial designs and 2 rounds revisions
$450, additional revisions @ standard rates
New - Lower Pricing!


Includes: Comprehensive Logo Design
3 initial designs, 4 rounds revisions.
Print and Web versions of rendered designs included
$750, additional revisions @ standard rates
New - Lower Pricing!


6 Page Static Site*
Includes: Entry page, Home Page, About Our Company, Products (and/or) Services, News or Press Release page, Contact Us, E -mail linking, Basic designs, site mapping and 3 rounds revisions. Archiving of project files and delivery of files to client or web host.
Does Not include costs of Web Hosting or ISPs
Web hosting may be arranged separately
*Word Press sites are also available - may incude additional charges.
** Package price may be pro-rated.

Call us for E-commerce or Custom Solutions

Commercial E-commerce sites may also call upon the services of additional appropriate technical Internet and IT professionals as needed.


No charge for first consultations

Most Direct expenses are itemized at cost.

Clients are solely responsible for completeness and accuracy of all provided content and all sign offs of finished work.

No project shall be delivered for production without client approval.
No charges for corrections of Studio errors. AAs at Standard Professional Rates.

Services beyond contract terms shall be approved by client and FRS.
Most projects include liaison with printers/vendor as needed for production as part of projects.

Rush work and work done after prepress or sign-offs shall be chared full Overtime Rates, no exceptions.

Payment terms:
All invoices are payable to Kurt E. Griffith or Fantastic Realities Studio.
We accept PayPal for Credit Card Payments and Online payments.
Terms Net 30.

Contact us with any questions or to arrange a free consultation.

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