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So,what does a creative Graphics Professional with over 35 Years of experience do with his time? Particularly billable time? And what's in it for you? Read on for some ideas.


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Graphic Design

This is all about visual communications. Getting your message to look good and get your point across. Laying out your magazine. Create a brochure. Design a Logo. Build a Media kit. Letterheads, business cards, presentations. You name it, I will pour 35 years of accumulated visual design skills at it.

Before the advent of desktop publishing in the 1990's, the Graphic Designer was a separate discipline from Art Director, Graphic Artist, Layout artist, Mechanical Artist (if you remember what that is, you're my age or older), typographer, separator, and production artist. Now they are pretty much one guy with a computer! Times change.

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Art Direction

Graphic Design's big brother. Putting all the pieces together. Combines the disciplines of Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Typography and prepress to move your project from cocktail napkin squiggle to printed piece, presentation or Web presence. Arranging and facilitating production and printing. Press checks and preflighting and all the opaque technical stuff that you may have no idea about, but trust me, you are glad someone is doing.

Working with clients, managers, editors, making sure that everything that needs to happen, does. I also hire and/or supervise the work of Designers, Illustrators, Photographers and Writers. Whatever it takes to get the job done.

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Web Design

The bastard child of Design and computer programming. I'm glad I cross train. Web pages most certainly need the hands and minds of professional designers involved. In the current visually saturated market, HTML alone is not a compelling web experience. You can leave programming tasks to the wireheads, but to make your site communicate, hire a Designer. I just so happen to know someone... Web site Design, Web Graphics, Email Campaigns, Banner Ads. For instance, I designed and built THIS site. From time to time, I tear it down and replace it.

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People have looked down on Illustration as mere "Commercial Art". Be that as it may, sometimes the job calls for a picture. Despite the prejudice of the marketplace, Illustration is absolutely Fine Art as far as I'm concerned. Only difference is that the art has a definite purpose. To communicate a message. Whether it is a cartoon or photo-realistic rendering, pencil, marker, paint or digital. Creating images that didn't exist before to express new thoughts, or classic ideas in new ways.

I’ve made pictures my entire career, for books, magazine covers, cartoons, using both traditional and digital media. Solo commissioned work or illustrations for my own projects.

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Photography Studio & Location

Photography is a critical part of many design projects. One of the most powerful instances of “a picture worth a thousand words.” Often a professional project requires better images than you can take with a smartphone. Or something more to the point than stock photography.

We can put togetether photo shoots to get exactly the images that you need. On location, at your place, or my studio. Professional post-producton and compostiing in the industry-standard Photoshop, of course we do that. We can also clean up and transform your images to create something new.

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Training & Consulting

I can also train you to understand what this work takes. Teach theory, techniques and software. On the job, one on one, or with groups. Provide informative presentations and workshops for your group. Advise you on projects, ways and means. Furthermre, I am also well aware I don't know everything. The techniques and technologies out there are contstantly changing; I will happily consult with colleagues and other professionals to help you find the solutions you need, especially in areas outside my non-trivial skill set. We'll go find out. Let us guide you into the digital age. Talk to Me.



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