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Fantastic Realities Studio is a small, boutique, graphics and web design studio specializing in providing world-class Art, Graphic and Web Design services to the small business community.


20 March 2020 – While the coroanvirus emergency continutes to ripple though the economy, we‘d like to let all of our clients and vendors know that as a home-based business, Fantastic Realities Studio has remained in operation. So long as we have a roof, power, and remain connected to the ‘Net, we can work and continue to serve your graphics and design needs. We also have the capability to conduct meetings online via Facetime, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Just contact us if you‘d like us to help you set something up.

In the meantime, hunker down if you need to, take care of yourselves, stay safe, care for each other, and be careful out in the world. Please take all appropriate health precautions and practice good hygiene and steps to prevent illness as recommended by the public health officials. We‘ll get through this!

In 2014, we moved from Rockland County New York, into new quarters in Berkeley Springs, West Virgina in the Eastern Panhandle, also serving Matrinsburg, Hagerstown, Frederick, Winchester, South Central PA, the Baltimore/DC area. We continue to serve our clients in the New York City, Rockland County and the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Tri-state region.

And for that matter, anywhere with an Internet connection. One of the joys of the digital age. So long as I have a roof, electricity and and broadband Internet connection – we can serve you wherever you are.

KURT E. GRIFFITH - Creative Director

Owner and Creative Director Kurt Griffith is a veteran Art Director, Graphic & Web Designer, Illustrator and Design Consultant. A Skilled, experienced and versatile graphics professional with over 40 years (holy crap!) of experience in print and web design, illustration, publishing, marketing, promotions, branding, business identity, photography, and print production. He has produced projects ranging from brochures, logos, magazine designs, book illustrations, to media kits and web sites. This broad range of design and technical skills and flexible stylistic approach enables him to execute client’s projects from concept to finished production art ready for print or deployment online.

Over the years, as the design world grows ever more technological, he has embraced consulting and educating our clients about design processes and graphics technology as a vital part of our provided services. We Translate! We speak English to you, and the appropriate dialect of geek or tech to vendors and technicians as needed to get your project done.

We take great pride in working closely with our clients to execute your projects with craftsmanship, professionalism, and personal attention.


Sekrit N1nj4 Project

Teaser for the FRS Design book

Having been at this for over 35 years as a professional creative, I'm working on a sekrit project that takes a look back, will say more as it pulls together – and of course, get some of the pile off my desk. Still have to keep the lights on and buy groceries – Kurt.

The project has gradually been taking shape, read an update here.

Six years in Berkeley Springs

In the Summer of 2014, we relocated our home and The Studio from the NYC area to Berkeley Springs, WV, got plugged back in and back to work. Find out about what brought us here.

Site Updates

Welcome to our ever evolving (bet you’ve heard that before) Home Page – well considering the past couple of years, make that inconsistiently revised. This latest face-lift, like the previous, was long overdue. While we’ve been steadily improving both our design and technical skills with our client's projects, with the moving target that is web design – we haven’t taken the time with our own. Check out the old site, or previous versions of some of our old home pages, or even this one, they were all so very 2000’s-era. Seriously – 640 pixels wide for 13" monitors, complete with font tags and table based layouts. Still, was pretty kickin’ for the 2000’s.

But definitely time to bring some proper HTML3 HTML5/CSS stylin’. In his huge free time We have updated most of the interior pages and retiring a lot of the old looks. We are also updating the gallery with entirely new tech and more recent projects.

Obviously, a work in progress. But thank the gods, finally in progress.

Of COURSE we needed to make the site RESPONSIVE, too. Imagine that.... Absolutely under way. You may note that this page doesn’t look all that different. it doesn’t, but it’s now coded in the Bootstrap 4 Framework and is now responsive and mobile friendly, along with other subtle updates, including a logo re-design, also in progress. Yes, just to make it all the more fun, in the middle of all this, Kurt got a crazed notion to re-design the studio logo. Madman! Right... Designer. Never mind.

Before anyone gets queasy about that, I’ve been making client sites mobile responsive for the past few years, but yes, certainly needed to do it here. We’re now up to HTML5/CSS3/JQuery tech... web tech is certainly a moving target in this day and age, and for the foressable future.

Now then, about that %$#@&$%@ Adobe Creative Suite Creative Cloud (!$) upgrade...



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