Preferred Client Rate Note

January 2010
Updated 5 January 2019

Greetings to all our Wonderful FRS Clients,

It has been our pleasure and privilege to serve each and every one of you over the years and provide for your Graphic and Web Design needs. Through your support, we’ve been able to grow in seven years from a lonely startup to a successful small business. Thank you all very much!

It had been a point of pride to have been able to keep the cost of our services reasonable for the level of expertise and service we provide for a four year period without increases. Most of you do know that we are a home and family-based business with a mortgage, a costly health plan, escalating (!!!) taxes, kids, the usual accoutrements of family life and all the expenses of running a small business in Rockland County, NY. (Please see 2019 Update below) Therefore due to market forces and continuing economic trends which I am sure all of you are all too familiar with, we were once again forced to incrementally raise our Studio Rates effective January 2010.

We apologize and please do not shout or throw things. We know how it is. We will still do our very best to provide good value for your hard earned investment in our services! We may not be the most inexpensive studio out there, but we strive to be cost-effective through service, skills and expertise!


Our Standard Professional Rate for new work will be $60 per hour.
Our Referral & Chamber Rate for new work will be $50 per hour.
Our Overtime & Rush Rate is currently $85 per hour.
Our Not-For-Profit will remain at $40 per hour.

2019 Update

Relocating to the Eastern Panhandle of WV has allowed us to dramatically reduce our household and studio overhead. This has allowed us to hold our rates into the 2nd Decade of the 21st Century! That's pretty freaking amazing! You're welcome!


We are continuing to offer a special break to our loyal customers! If you have a current project or are carrying a balance on completed work, simply maintain your account in good standing, and receive a PREFFERED CUSTOMER RATE and a reduced rate on Rush Charges. Furthermore, new rates will apply only to new work. If you have a standing contracted project in progress, or an FRS quote, your current or quoted rate will carry over from 2009 for the duration of that project.

We are able to continue this program based on the your continued support and pratronage and the quality of your referrals. Thank you very much!

This offer will remain in effect so long as you keep your account up to date! Failure to maintain your account will incur the current Referral or Standard Rates.

If you are currently on an installment plan on completed work or have a custom contract, or have any questions about your account, please contact us with any questions.

Wishing each and every one of you continued health and prosperity in these uncertain economic times.

At your service,

Kurt E. Griffith
Creative Director, FRS.

Thank You Choosing Fantastic Realities Studio!

Contact us with any questions or to arrange a free consultation.

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