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Most of the "Rainy Day Project" text is on the Homepage.
Read it there. Here's the other goofy stuff.


And an...*eXplanation

A total cop-out, of course. But at the time I really couldn’t think of anything that would make a clever cartoon for obscure crap like Xylene, or Xanthan Gum.
At the time, the Communications Design Department at Pratt was incessantly drilling Design majors on being able to explain every artistic and design decision that we made. “It looks cool,” NEVER cut it with these guys.


Yes folks, this was Art, B.C. –before computers. Whoa.

Actually, the year was 1978, and computer aided design was a glimmer on the horizon, and no one had the slightest notion of "Desktop Publishing". Personal Computers would not hit the public consciousness untill the Mid 80's. And I did own an Atari 800, and later a 1040ST, the most graphics capable computers available at the time, later to be eclisped by the Amiga and Apple machines.



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