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If you were patient enough to get this far, (unless you clicked the direct link, cheater!) and are serious tech or design geek, your patience has just been rewarded! Good for you!

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The Restoration

The book was rescued from a flat file that had been flooded during the fire. So there was minimal heat or smoke damage. I scanned the plates in 300 dpi grayscale into Adobe PhotoShop CS2 using a prepress-quality Epson Perfection 4870 Scanner. I whited out the old and water damage and touched up any damaged line work by hand with a Wacom Tablet.

An original mold and water damaged plate.

My horrid student calligraphy had to
go. I used Adobe InDesign CS2 to recreate the plates. I replaced the presstype generic Times Roman with the elegant ITC New Baskerville. I used a new OpenType version of Caflisch Script Pro for the script face, expanded for a more “handwritten” look.

Plate digitally restored in InDesign.

I resisted the temptation (mostly) to “improve” on either the drawings or the layout, trying to sustain the charm, and imperfections, of the original version.
The artwork was done on a Power Macintosh Quicksilver G4 Tower, running Mac OS 10.3.2, the 1 GB of Ram, really helps.

The web incarnation was prepared using Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. The InDesign Plates were exported to a print-resolution PDF file, brought into PhotoShop and saved to web-compatible 32-level GIF files. I created the additional graphics, samples, buttons, etc. in PhotoShop and ImageReady.

My sons or wife were not harmed during the production of this project, despite temptation. And I SWEAR I am gonna erase that *&^%$ Halo demo if they don't QUIET THE HELL DOWN on the freakin' iBook!!!!

–Kurt Griffith, Nanuet, NY, December 2005



Nothing is TOO damn easy.

I ran into a glitch putting together the
restored plates in InDesign. Thankfully one of
my good friends (Thank you, Chris!) spotted
them before I handed out a bunch of
the dead tree versions.

The white background of the restored
drawings overlapped the text boxes
on P is for Pencil and N is for Night.
Corrected by altering the stacking order.

Of course then I had to export replacement
pages to correct the PDFs used to generate
these web pages.

Don't let your boss fire your proofreader!


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